What can we do for your business?




1.- Sourcing or Purchasing Management

We increase the profitability of our clients’ portfolio of Spanish products.
We call ourselves wine & food hunters because we are constantly looking for new players in the market, new projects, new wines, new producers, innovative packagings, or anything that we think could be interesting for any of our clients: importers, distributors, food chains, department stores or retail chains.
Our job is to find and deliver the best product that best suits what a customer requests from us. For the selection of wines and other alcoholic drinks we have Andrés Martín, a prestigious winemaker, in our team.
For many of our international clients we have become their exclusive purchasing agency, becoming their eyes and hands in Spain. In some cases, our partnerships last for more than 15 years.

We don’t stop until we achieve excellence

Whenever we receive a request for a product, we always present our client with a selection of the 2 or 3 most suitable options, according to the following criteria:

a) Quality and professionalism of the company
b) Speed in the transmission of information
c) Product quality
d) Price
e) Flexibility to changes in packaging, labeling or product itself, MOQ’s, etc…

What are the advantages for those who hire us as sourcing agency?

Cost reduction
Fewer trips to Spain to select products
Fewer visits to trade fairs
We organize and offer assistance on our client’s trips to Spain
Less staff in the in-house sourcing department of our clients

Reduced time to market
Fast submission of offers
Quick product adaptations
In-house design team to create brands / labels / designs. Smaller lead times.

We are not middle-men, we offer as much help as we can, or whatever is requested from us. In some cases, we have even created business plans to introduce brands in certain markets, always in collaboration with both the supplier and the customer.

Always in the know
As good food hunters we keep our clients informed about new products that may interest them, but also we update them with market reports, harvest reports and status of markets, harvest reports and opportunities (especially for buyers of bulk oils, wines, juices, concentrates…).

2.- Product Development

We are an asset for any retails chain that needs to renew, expand or improve its shelf of Spanish products

At Dvino we adapt and/or improve the products that our clients request; and if they need to create a new product, we can do so just by working with an idea or a sample.
We are specialized in wine, although we also work with other types of drinks and food products.

Adapting products to customers demands

• Personalization of the liquid (alcohol content, sweetness, etc)
• Creation of exclusive brands
• Creation of private labels
• Transformation of packaging: bottle, label, cork, capsule, case.

Creation of new products

We develop new products for our clients. We just need an idea or a sample.

3.- Consolidation

We can fully take care of any consolidation process our customers request us.

• We group orders from different suppliers which have the same final destination, receiving orders from different sources in a logistics warehouse to manage their joint shipment.

• We review the documentation of each supplier, advising them on their correct preparation. We create and / or supervise the special labeling that each destination country requires.

• We manage, together with the freight forwarder, the exit customs procedures (either by sea or air), and we remain in permanent contact with the client to manage possible problems that may arise.

Advantages for small and medium enterprises

a) It allows them to place smaller orders, that Dvino consolidated into a larger one (reducing logistics costs).

b) Reduction of administrative procedures with each supplier, which saves time and money.

c) Stress free operations handled by a team of professionals with a wide experience as consolidators.  

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